Don’t waste another minute doing Tile and Grout cleaning yourself – let the professional tile & grout cleaners from Alpine Dream Clean handle it for you!

Tile and Grout Cleaning in Tucson AZ

Don’t waste any more of your valuable time trying to clean Grout and Tile yourself. Instead, let the Alpine Dream Clean professional grout and tile cleaners take care of it for you instead.

Over time, tiles can grow dirty and dull, especially the grout that is in between the tiles, where mold and dirt tend to accumulate. More dirt is attracted by grout due to its porous nature, which causes it to grow darker from the dirt molecules it has collected. Even the dirt that comes from normal grime and dust, showering, and hand washing can cause your grout and tiles to become dull-looking and stained.

When you have your grouting and tile professionally cleaned a minimum of once per year, it will help to keep your home looking clean and fresh. The grout and tiles in your home need to be deep cleaned about as frequently as your carpets are professionally clean. Fortunately, we can clean your carpets also. Just ask us about the “Extreme Clean” package deals that we offer.

Alpine Dream is based in Tuscon AZ. Contact us to get your convenient appointment schedule and ask us about the package specials that we offer including grout and tile cleaning done at the same time that we clean your carpets.

What Is Included In Our Grout & Tile Cleaning Services?

The tile cleaning services that we provide include a deep cleaning of your bathroom floors, bathroom tiles, bathtub, shower walls, basin floor tiles, kitchen tiles, laundry rooms, backsplashes and any other areas in your home with tiles.

If there are dirty grout and tiles in your home that won’t come clean, don’t let it frustrate you. Instead, call Alpine Dream Clean for help. You will have your home looking as good as new again before you know it. Our process provides spotlessly clean grout lines and tiles that deliver long-lasting results.

Our Grout and Tile Cleaning Services Include The Following:

  • Grout and Tile Sealer
  • Tile Floor Sealing
  • Grout Coloring
  • Saltillo and Mexican Tile
  • Brick, Flagstone, Marble
  • Slate, Travertine, Ceramic

No One Likes Scrubbing

Don’t waste your valuable time trying to scrub stubborn grime and dirt using a toothbrush and cleaning materials you bought at the store. We provide outstanding results n just a fraction of the time. We can also save you money and time on your cleaning projects by handling all of your carpet and tile cleaning needs on the same day to get them done quickly.

Our Secret Weapon

Alpine Dream Clean uses powerful cleaning tools ad group and tile products that the general public does not have access to. It is one of the best benefits of working with us. Our special grout and tile cleaning formula is totally non-toxic and safe, yet still strong enough so that all oily dirt and grime is dissolved.

We combine that with our enclosed and patented pressure washing system. It uses pressurized, hot water to blast away all of the dirt and grime so that your tiles end up completely clean and sparkling. We can also apply an optional sealer that preserves the results for several months. Then a final buffing brings the museum-quality shine out that will impress your friends and family.


Our Tile Cleaning Process In Tucson

Tile Cleaning Tucson

Before we start on our high-pressure tile cleaning process, first we will pre-treat surfaces using a non-toxic cleaning formula that will literally dissolve grimy and oil dirt to turbocharge the effectiveness of our power washing. Highly noxious acid cleaning solutions are used by most cleaning companies.

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However, Alpine Dream Clean only uses biodegradable cleaning products which are safe for both pets and human. We will also protect your home’s valuable trim and woodwork from damage.

If a floor is very dirty, to maximize our cleaning results, we will sometimes utilize a special scrubbing tool. In some cases, we might hand-scrub certain stubborn areas with a special grout brush. In order to do this correctly, we will need to get close to the cabinets and walls. Since they might get damaged, set up plastic guards in order to protect them or we carefully tape them off- which are things that a majority of our competitors do not do. 

After the tiled floors are thoroughly cleaned and completely dried, we will apply a professional strength sealer that resists stains for many months, depending on your lifestyle and maintenance routine. We will finally use a rotary tool to buff your floor tiles to bring out an incredible shine that is unbelievable. Please note, that not all floors should be buffed. 

Grout Cleaning

Grout Cleaning Tucson

Grout is a very thin concrete coating. Like regular concrete, pressure washing is the most effective way to clean it. Unfortunately, a huge mess is made by a pressure washer when it is used on tile floors.

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This problem has been solved by Alpine Dream Clean. We use our innovative enclosed washing system that blasts away grime and dirt while also capturing up to 100% of any over-spray that can be so messy. This incredible washing system using an industrial-grade mobile cleaning plant that is mounted permanently on the inside of our service vehicle. This system generates high-pressure, super-heated water that can easily cut through even the most stubborn and toughest dirt and grout stains.

You will absolutely love the excellent cleaning services that our Alpine Dream Clean cleaning technicians provide to you in the Tucson, AZ area, especially after you start to receive numerous compliments on your pristine and sparkling grout and tile.

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